Make bicycling an easy choice

Connecting our community by making bicycling an easy choice, for transportation, for recreation, and for everyone.

About Us


Pedal Holland a 501(c)(3) bicycling advocacy group serving the greater Holland, Michigan area.  We seek to be your voice in the rooms where decisions get made.

Our mission is to connect Holland and surrounding communities by championing the bicycle as a viable choice for transportation and recreation. We're committed to bringing an exceptional, well connected bike network to Holland that increases safety, access, our neighbors' desire and ability to ride. We seek to serve everyone who hops on a bike, whether you head out a few times a year on sunny Saturdays or log 100-mile rides every week.

We are working for a peaceful, vibrant community that serves all our neighbors well. In ten years, we want to see more kids riding their bikes to their friends houses. We want the air we pull into our lungs to be clean, and to hear more quietly clicking gears and fewer roaring engines when we chat with our neighbors in the front yard. We want our neighbor riding home from his second shift job to make it home safely, and for riding a bike between Holland and Zeeland - or to the beach from the south side, or from the north side to downtown - to be easy, unremarkable, and stress-free.

This isn’t a pipe dream. All these things are within reach, though they’re not going to happen by themselves. We can do this. Are you with us?

If so, sign up today for the Pedal Holland newsletter here and learn more about how you can make bicycling an easy choice in our community.


Founding Board Members:

  • Meika Weiss: Board President

  • Jim Mahaney: Treasurer

  • Dr. Russell Dykstra: Secretary

  • Dave VanDoorne: Director

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