Make bicycling an easy choice

Making bicycling an easy choice by championing the bicycle as a viable choice for transportation, for recreation, and for everyone.

You’re ready to go all in.

Here’s what you need to know about being on the Pedal Holland Board of Directors!

We’re glad you’re interested in joining our Board! Here are some things we want you to know before you apply.

Our vision is to make bicycling an easy choice.

Our mission is to connect Holland and the surrounding communities by championing the bicycle as a viable choice for transportation and recreation.

We want everyone who wants to be able to ride their bike to do so safely and comfortably, regardless of age, ability, income, or anything else that we might consider a limiting factor. We appreciate and support all types of cycling, and our first area of focus is on everyday bicycling – commuting to work, school, or the coffee shop; going for a ride with family or friends; getting groceries and enjoying our community.

We are primarily an advocacy group. At this point, the bulk of our efforts are in directly advocating for improved bicycle infrastructure within the City of Holland. That’s because of our current capacity and the skills of our Board members. We’d like to work out from there, both geographically and in the types of activities we’re involved in. The future Board will determine more of that direction.

Because we don’t have a staff, the Pedal Holland Board is a working Board rather than an advisory Board. You can expect to spend 5-10 hours per month on Pedal Holland responsibilities, depending on the season. Our Board meetings are held monthly and typically last less than two hours. You can also plan to spend some additional time working on a committee or team, planning an event, or doing some kind of community outreach or advocacy. What you do will be based on your interests and skills as well as what Pedal Holland needs.

As a Board member, we want you to plan to attend all our monthly meetings. You won’t be able to continue in your role if you attend less than 75% of them. Our Board members are also expected to support Pedal Holland financially and should expect to make a meaningful and substantial contribution to the organization each year in accordance with their ability.

If this sounds good to you, contact us at to start the conversation!